Appetite for Dental Schemes for UK Employees

Around 33 per cent of the working population have said they would like dental insurance through their employer, with many of these employees considering this to be a motivating factor for taking a role at another company.

The survey, which was carried out by 2,000 UK workers, revealed that although there is a high demand for such benefits, less than one in five are offered dental plans in some form or another.  The survey also concluded that the key motivating factor in seeking a dental plan from their employers would be value for money, which would make treatments affordable and also would allow workers to get treatments more frequently.

The survey was followed by a separate report by the British Dental Health Foundation, claiming that less than 50 per cent of the UK's workforce is permitted time off work in order to get dental treatment.  Furthermore, poor dental health is becoming increasingly linked to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and strokes; which down the line could cause a rise in absenteeism.

The benefits of gaining dental insurance through employee benefits schemes, it seems, is resonated by the enthusiasm from employees to have it included with their benefits packages.  A spokesperson from Health-on-Line commenting on the survey said "although the number of people being allowed to attend the dentist during office hours is on the wane, people's eagerness to have employer funded dental schemes, is not."

"This survey also suggests that employers with employee benefits, such as dental insurance, could be at an advantage when it comes to recruitment."

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