Customer story: Steve’s treatment journey

Friday, January 31, 2020

Protecting and transforming our customer’s health is always our priority. That’s why, our policies are tailored to give peace of mind by ensuring the right protection is in place when it’s needed most. For us, there is no better motivation than learning first-hand how we’ve helped our customers during a stressful and unnerving time when their health is being impacted.

We’re hearing from one of our customers who has been with Health-on-Line for the past three years. Steve* tells us of his journey in making a claim, and his experience with receiving treatment which for him led to a positive outcome.

“I had a small growth on my leg that kept catching on my clothing when I was working, and as I am very active in my job it was causing me a lot of irritation”. Being an avid golfer, Steve also explained that the issue was causing him problems outside of work too and it was becoming a real source of frustration.

Seeking advice

His frustration led him to seek advice, starting with seeing an NHS GP. He said: “I had actually been to my GP a couple of times about this before but they said it’s not something they would be able to help with on the NHS.

“I think the NHS do a great job but I understand they are stretched to capacity, so I thought this is the time I need to use my policy with Health-on-Line to see if they can help. I arranged another appointment with my GP and asked for a referral. My GP actually named the specialist who I would see, as she knew that is who I would be referred to anyway.”

Steve then double checked with us that we could cover the specialist he had been referred to and to ask if we had received the named referral.

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“I then chased up my GP, got the referral letter, phoned the Nuffield to book my treatment in myself and then informed the Claims team at Health-on-Line that I had done all of this; to which they were happy and gave me the ok to proceed.”

Referral to consultation

Steve’s appointment was booked in at a later date however he was happy to be advised he might be seen a lot earlier. He actually then received a call later that day to say he could be seen tomorrow.

After Steve had been given the green light to proceed, he tells us what happened on the day of his consultation and of his potential life-changing intervention from the specialist: “Whilst I was having my consultation with the specialist, they were really nice and asked if everything else was ok. I mentioned that I had a small scab on my head that wouldn’t heal properly but wasn’t really bothering me too much.

“They took a closer look, and said it looked like the start of a potential form of skin cancer which really took me back. The specialist assured me that it was fine and they had caught it before it developed into anything dangerous, and actually performed a very minor procedure on me to take care of it.

“I was fortunate as I hadn’t gone through the claims procedure for this, but it was something that the doctor was able to do there and then for me without being charged.

“The fact that this was caught in its infancy and not later down the line is huge, as who knows what would have happened. My local GP certainly didn’t notice anything else”.

Peace of mind

After his consultation Steve had his procedure the following week and after which phoned Health-on-Line to say all was ok and that he didn’t require any follow up appointments or treatments.

Looking back on his experience Steve is thankful to the specialist who picked up on something potentially dangerous, which was unrelated to his original health concern. He now has peace of mind and can carry on with his golf free of any health issues impacting his game.

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*Steve’s name has been changed for the purposes of this to protect his real identity. Please be aware each case is treated differently, and Steve’s experience is not necessarily reflective of every claim journey.

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