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Friday, October 03, 2014

Brilliant Biking Benefits!

The UK is currently the fattest country in Europe with current estimates suggesting that by 2050 more than half of the population could be obese ( Obesity levels are more than three times higher than in 1980. Cycling to work is seen by many as the ideal way to achieve that minimum of 30 minutes exercise daily. It can be difficult to find time and energy to workout before or after work, particularly once home and the temptation of putting the kettle on and your feed up creeps in. Using a bike to commute puts exercise into your daily routine, making it important to reach the destination, an added incentive. While we like to think of our staff as an already healthy bunch they can often be seen timing themselves, attempting to improve week on week, giving that journey a competitive edge.

Petrol remains expensive with the days of a litre costing under£1 at the services being long gone. Bus prices are also steadily rising making travelling by bike the most economical way to get around. With a brand new bike and accessories, Health-on-Line employees are ready to hit the road.

Cycling can also cut out the common annoyances facing commuters. Few things are more frustrating than being sat behind a row of blinding red lights as traffic crawls along but this is easily avoided when on two wheels rather than four. If you travel by bus you have most likely experienced that heart-wrenching moment when your ride home passes you as you desperately try to reach the stop. By cycling to work you cut out waiting for the bus altogether meaning no cancellations or delays, short-change embarrassment or crowded Friday evening journeys.

Apart from all these reasons, who would blame the Health-on-Line riders for wanting to take a quick detour along the stunning 6 miles of golden Bournemouth beach and spend more time outdoors? In a recent calculation we did, we realised our employees are riding around 310 miles each day - the equivalent of riding to Birmingham and back. Reducing pollution can help put your green conscience at ease while you soak up the fresh air.

Cycle On…

Cycling to work has already proved a great move for many Health-on-Line employees so why waste any more time? Join the rising numbers of people using their bike for the daily commute. The cheaper, healthier and greener way of getting to work will also prove more fun and could even bring out that adventurous side in you. For more information on how to suggest the cycle scheme for your work visit the Cycle to Work Scheme at

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