Day in the life of Sales

Friday, October 25, 2019

With over 500 employees here at Health-on-Line we have a wealth of various departments that, by name alone, you might not be clear on exactly what they do. From Service and HR through to Claims and IT, we cover a lot.

So, every month learn about a new department with our Day in the Life series of blogs. Hear what each department does from someone on the ground, a little about their background, what their job entails and what they like about Health-on-Line.

This month it’s Bradley from Sales…

Joining Health-on-Line after graduating Bournemouth University with a degree in Business and Management, Bradley has been in the sales team now for three years. Having no previous experience in sales, Bradley has worked hard in his role to be the best he can be.

He explained: “I come into this role with absolutely no experience at all, but you are provided with all of the tools and skills you need to perform well. You just need to be able to apply yourself and work hard and you can be successful.”

Having an open mind from the start certainly helped, along with “determination, willingness, good communication skills, accountability and punctuality”; all important attributes Bradley feels you need.

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Speaking of his role as Sales Consultant Bradley said: “I enjoy being accountable for my own production and performance but, at the same time, you are based in a team environment.

“It’s an exciting role and you just don’t know what each day or month is going to bring. Once you are trained and have all of the necessary skills to sell you are left to manage your own account and sell from the leads provided by the company; I do enjoy the freedom to do this.”

Tailored around the customer

Here at Health-on-Line the role of our consultants is to locate the client’s needs and requirements and educate the client on what health insurance is, in a non-advisory manor. Once the client acknowledges the insurance will fulfil their requirements, we can then explore the levels of cover and options available; all tailored around the customer and their budget.

Bradley says: “It’s a hard working but relaxed environment, with an open plan floor split into four teams of around 20 consultants per team.” Each team also has a team manager and a sales manager whose main roles are to coach and plan out the consultants’ targets with them; highlighting last month’s performance and what can be improved moving forward.

Bradley explains: “We have regular catch ups, I would say every other day, but as the managers sit with the team we are in constant communication with them. The team managers will conduct 1-to-1’s per month and see if you need anything additional going forward e.g. coaching.

“They will also encourage future progression. I have started to help with team coaching and have their full support in doing so.

Rewarded for the work we do

“With people on the phone all day there is that buzz you would expect in a successful sales company. You can constantly see people working hard because they know what the rewards are. A larger motivator for any sales agent will be monetary but being able to earn a bonus and sell an ethical product is very rewarding.”

For Bradley job satisfaction is vital and he feels you need to believe in what you are selling in order to obtain this. He also enjoys the fact that he is giving customers peace of mind that their healthcare needs are covered and we are here should they need us.

If you like the sound of working here at Health-on-Line and furthering your career then see what vacancies we currently have available.

Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent customer service. The Heath plan was catered to my needs and requirements. I'm very impressed with the low price. Had I known how affordable health insurance was before I'd have taken it out years ago.”

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