Day in the life of Service

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

With over 500 employees here at Health-on-Line we have a wealth of various departments that, by name alone, you might not be clear on exactly what they do. From marketing and finance, through to claims and sales we cover a lot.

So, every month learn about a new department, with our Day in the Life series of blogs. Hear what each department does from someone on the ground, a little about their background, what their job entails and what they like about Health-on-Line.

This month it’s Ross from Service…

With previous experience in retail of around 10 years, Ross wanted a new challenge and a break from retail. Having been here for 2 years, Ross feels he now has a better work/life balance in his role as a Customer Care Consultant and feels fully settled within the department and part of the Health-on-Line furniture.

His role within Service is multi-skilled but at the core Ross says: “You’re dealing with inbound calls to Health-on-Line which can be from customers, brokers, other branches of AXA, and sometimes external entities – assisting them with their queries”.

Other aspects of his role include ensuring customer details are up-to-date, handling Early Resolution Complaints for members to try and resolve any dissatisfaction they may have and making call-backs to members regarding queries/requests they’ve raised to us.

It’s the variety that Ross enjoys, “no one call can always be like another, you can go from a quick claims transfer call to adding multiple options/members to a policy and then even to a call where you’re handling a complaint.

“But I really like the people I work with, everyone is so approachable, chatty and ready to help or to give you a hand with any complex queries.”

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Working together

This is where Customer Service Team Manager, Heidi comes in. She manages a team of 32: 28 of which are Customer Care Consultants, like Ross. 

Heidi says her focus is “making sure that they are happy, that they come to work because they want to and not because they have to.

“I pride myself on the team doing the right things first, and making sure we hit our KPI’s each month. We have a great working relationship, and my team know that they can come to me about anything, and I will always be there for them.”

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Being there for the customer

The Service department is the first point of contact for our customers and at times they have to handle calls of a sensitive nature. Ross explains: “You do get bad calls now and again or ones that hit close to home. Last year I had to deal with a condolence call not long after a relative passed away, which was tough, but I took my time with the call and then just had a brief break off the phone after.

“We do receive a lot of guidance for tough calls from seniors and even other colleagues. And if things got too much on the call, once finished you can always approach a senior and ask if you can have a quick break off the phones”. And as Heidi confirms, “due to the nature of the insurance, there can be some very challenging and sensitive calls which the team have to deal with. We pull together during the lows and celebrate the highs.”

The team provide excellent Customer Service and always look for ways to build on this. They are compassionate, empathetic and extremely personable and by having these qualities it means our customers have a journey that is as smooth as possible.

Supporting the local community

Health-on-Line this year got involved with Bournemouth’s Bourne Free, and Ross not only participated in the parade but helped organise our involvement along with others.

I’d always wanted to go to Pride but just been too shy to go, but going with work colleagues and friends made it the best first pride you could ask for.

“I also love how involved the company get in local events like this and I’m eagerly waiting to join in the preparation for Pride next year; I love how the company allow people the opportunity to do this."

Bournemouth Pride

If you like the sound of working for Health-on-Line and getting involved with the events we either sponsor or support in the local area, then have a look at the vacancies we currently have available.

Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent customer service. The Heath plan was catered to my needs and requirements. I'm very impressed with the low price. Had I known how affordable health insurance was before I'd have taken it out years ago.”

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