Day in the Life of Training

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

With over 500 employees here at Health-on-Line we have a wealth of various departments that, by name alone, you might not be clear on exactly what they do. From marketing and training through to sales and finance, we cover a lot.

So, every month learn about a new department, with our Day in the Life series of blogs. Hear what each department does from someone on the ground, a little about their background, what their job entails and what they like about Health-on-Line.

This month it’s Charlie from Training…

Charlie has a varied background, having worked with the M.O.D, certifying and helping soldiers pass their functional skills in maths and English, and within the healthcare industry. Charlie is part of the Training team here at Health-on-Line, as the Sales and Operations Trainer. He’s been in his role since March 2019 after completing a four week induction which he said was “extremely insightful, having not been in a sales environment before.”

Prior to starting at Health-on-Line, Charlie worked within healthcare where he trained nurses, doctors and consultants on how to use a new electronic pharmacy system. “I was one of the first people in the UK to learn this new software, which eliminated the use of paper drug charts and instead stored all the data on laptops.”

Since his induction he’s been busy shadowing trainers over the last few months and is now ready to lead his first sales group in August; where he will head up the training programme that we offer here at Health-on-Line – a 2 week induction for admin and 4 week induction for sales.

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Keeping on top of the trends

As well as conducting the training, Charlie’s role is also to “monitor and review the progress of new starters, update training materials and maintain an understanding of training trends, developments and best practices.”

In an ever-changing industry it’s important for our trainers to remain knowledgeable on the latest developments but also to work with other departments to gain feedback. “We work closely with Team Quality and Compliance to ensure any trends in the data we receive from these departments are acted upon. For example, if there is a particular area where sales agents need further clarification then we’ll use our knowledge and work with managers to identify the best way to address this”.

Taking a collaborative approach

As we continue to move away from offering purely ‘traditional’ solutions, such as classroom-based sessions, and more towards partnering with the business to offer a wider range of Learning and Development solutions it is becoming increasingly important to build strong relationships across the business; to collaborate with managers and other teams.

“We love to collaborate in brainstorming sessions where we discuss new ideas on how to deliver different information to our new starters. However, a lot of our learning is still done through researching online or for example game-based learning platforms.”

One of the things Charlie noticed when he came for his interview here was the friendly environment, and this is still true today. “I really appreciate the way Health-on-Line conducts itself and the positive environment. Someone is always available to ask and I really enjoy working within my team, as we get on so well.

“We have different styles of training which allows us to bounce off one another and come up with some really creative ways of thinking.”

New starter training

Jo, the Training and Development manager, agrees that being a trainer is a “very varied role” but one that allows the team to support each other and assist if needed. 

“Our trainers are multi-skilled and new trainers have a personal development plan while they learn the ropes of delivering induction, through to regulatory training and owning their own training projects. It’s so important that our people receive the right information through training and we want our new trainers to feel supported too.

“Owning training projects can be a daunting but rewarding task and our trainers manage some great working relationships with stakeholders from across the business. I’m here to support trainers throughout their development plans, projects and day-to-day workload. We have a weekly board meeting to keep up to date with everyone’s projects and challenges, as well as a team meeting to ensure that communication between us is strong.”

If you like the sound of the training we offer for each of our roles here at Health-on-Line, then have a look to see what vacancies we currently have available.

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