Dispelling the sales myths

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Bonuses can only be achieved by those more experienced or you’re given minimal training before being put on the phones…these are just some of the untrue myths that surround working in a sales department.

We hear first-hand from Lisette and James, two sales consultants who are currently in our Academy, how you’re given support from the offset, how questions are encouraged and how you’re provided with all that is needed to ensure you are comfortable and confident speaking to customers.

How much training am I given?

Emily our PMI Sales Manager explains that “after the 4 week induction, agents then spend 2 months in the academy team – a separate team to the floor, where agents get more one-on-one support and are sat with their induction group.”

Lisette gives further insight into the training provided. She said: “The initial training has been fantastic, the programme is incredibly well thought out, and there was so much content which in turn brought variety. Our trainers were incredible and engaging – not only did we study the core content for the role we had different tasks to work together on.”

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What happens in the Academy?

“The academy is great, all of the management are very supportive and simply want you to be the best version of you possible; you learn something new every day. Since starting in the Academy in September, we had a new group join us in October and we’ve all been collaborating – sharing best practice but also enjoying ourselves throughout.

“The buzz is unreal when somebody makes a sale here, especially when it’s your first. There’s always a lot of recognition for the good things and no question is a silly question, it’s encouraged not only to grow your own knowledge, but it’s also maybe something others have thought about but not necessarily asked.”

Lisette highlights what else happens in the academy to help prepare them for their role:

  • We have started having a team buzz every morning for 5 minutes to share what has gone well from our previous day and to also share best practice and new ideas.
  • We have one-to-one coaching sessions each week, both quality and sales coaching, to ensure that we are staying compliant in our role but also to make sure we are always doing the best for both our customers and the company.
  • Not only this, we have regular training sessions to keep up-to-date with different things happening in the business, new content, or content refreshers to stay on top of our game.

Will I be ready after 4 weeks to speak to customers?

“Yes, absolutely”. Lisette was slightly nervous to begin with but was “ready to put everything I had learnt into practice, from the core content, to our values, to the numerous role plays we did with our colleagues, our trainers along with our Academy managers -  I haven’t looked back since and I don’t know why I was nervous!”

Bonuses are only earned by experienced sales consultant

It is entirely possible for bonuses to be earned in the first few months by new starters. As Lisette says, “a number of people in the team have earnt a bonus on top of their basic salary in the first couple of months, we see the sales boards and you know it’s achievable.”

James is one such consultant who has achieved this. He said: “I was able to earn a £800 bonus in my first month, and have achieved higher bonuses in both my 2nd and 3rd months in the business.”

Sales managers ensure ongoing support is given, so bonuses can be reached by everyone. Lisette says:  “We have a really great culture here that pushes people to do their best, through learning, coaching and practice. Of course, those that have been here longer are earning higher bonuses, but people at the start of their career here at Health-on-line are also earning bonuses.”

Best advice for someone looking to join our sales team

Lisette believes that “if you’re willing to put the work in, you’ll get it back, it’s not your stereotypical sales role in some aspects but don’t be afraid if you haven’t worked in sales before, it’s all about your behaviours and your attitude to make it a success.

“As long as you have the right mindset and use the tools that have been given to you throughout induction, academy and even when you are on the floor, you will be able to fly.”

James echoes this and feels “it really is a fantastic place to work, both in earning opportunity and workplace culture.” He advises that “if you work hard, you will 100% reap the rewards.”

Customer Reviews

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