Oozing Style, Ambition and an Elite Attitude

Kingsley, a renowned name in Health-on-Line, he oozes style, oozes ambition but most of all he oozes the persona of being an Elite Agent. We look at how he made his journey to where he is today.

Where did it all begin?

A little known fact is Kingsley actually oozes in intelligence too, having got a degree in law. But back in 2014 Kingsley started in his new position of Sales Agent. “What really helped me through the early days was my work ethic, something that was instilled in me early on in life by my parents, as well as through my passion for playing sport competitively”

“I knew I wanted to push myself as far as I could so I ensured I was a consistent performer on the phones and also made it a priority to have a passion for helping others and driving results.” Kingsley’s hard work payed off when in June 2016 he was rewarded with the title of Sales Manager; a role that still involved selling, but also helping others in the team too.

What does a sales manager do at Health-on-Line?

“As a Sales Manager at Health-on-Line my day to day activities can vary. I spend 25% of my time on the phones selling, which I still really enjoy, as it keeps me sharp whilst allowing me to lead from the front. 75% of my time is spent coaching and motivation my team to ensure they are able to meet their own goals and achieve success.”

“I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have lots of different skills and talents, in order to do this job the main thing is having the ability to go above and beyond to get the desired results, be willing to lead from the front and to embrace the grind!”

What is the best thing about your role?

“There are a number of things I enjoy about being at Health-on-Line in a sales role. Top of the list has got to be the buzz from selling and seeing my team do well. Also being able to oversee the journey that my team make; from coming through the doors to achieving their goals is a big thing for me”

What is your long term goal?

“My long term goal is to take my career at Health-on-Line as far as I possibly can…perhaps the skies the limit?! As far as my personal long term goal is concerned, it’s no secret that I am well and truly looking to establish myself on the property ladder and own a number of properties in the south coast area”


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