Exercise of the Month: The Grid Workout

What is it?

The Grid Workout is a collection of four high-intensity classes, held at Virgin Active Gyms across the UK. Launching in January 2015, The Grid Workout is circuit training that focuses on six primal movements: twisting, pulling, bending, lifting, squatting and lunging.

How can it benefit me?

Claiming to burn up to nine hundred calories per thirty minute class*, the Grid Workout is an obstacle course that is believed to increase metabolic rates, continuing to burn fat for up to thirty-eight hours after the class has concluded**. The Grid Workout is broken down into four different classes that focus on different fitness goals: Fit, Lean, Strong and Active. Virgin active suggests that The Grid Workout is the perfect preparation for endurance challenges such as Tough Mudder.

The Grid Workout utilises the accumulation principle, where trainers increase the workout intensity of each class, to improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat and develop muscle tone. The use of ‘sharp’ circuits focuses on a range of different muscle groups for an all-over workout***.

How can I get involved?

Andy Birch, Head of Exercise & Wellbeing - Virgin Active explained,

“When coming up with The Grid concept we wanted to bring consciousness back into the high intensity arena. Being more mindful of our movement and drilling this down to help us achieve our goals is key. To bring this to life we wanted to reinvent how people use the equipment and space in our club”.

The Grid Workout is available as part of Virgin Active Gym memberships. More information can be found here: http://www.virginactive.co.uk/thegrid.

If the Grid Workout sounds too intense for you, why not consider a Great British Run? At Health-on-Line we believe in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, of which fitness is an important part. https://www.health-on-line.co.uk/greatbritishruns/ features a guide to Great Britain’s best marathon and running events for inspiration.

* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2900703/Virgin-Active-launches-Grid-obstacle-course-burning-900-calories-just-30-minutes.html

** http://www.virginactive.co.uk/inside-our-clubs/classes/hiit/hiit-classes

*** http://www.virginactive.co.uk/thegrid

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