Health-on-Line take over Dorset Children’s Foundation charity shops

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Health-on-Line embarked on an Apprentice-style challenge by taking over both Dorset Children’s Foundations charity shops in Boscombe and Southbourne. Tasked with taking the most money, both teams had to come up with ways to draw in the public and generate interest in order to beat the opposing teams’ takings.

Internal events also took place back in the Health-on-Line office, with the other half of the teams raising money for mental health charity Dorset Mind. Raffles, pie a co-worker, pick and mix, push-up challenges and homemade cakes for sale were just some of the things on offer to help raise vital funds which in the end totalled over £2950 across both teams.

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Jo McGowan, Training and Development Manager, who created and coordinated the challenge said: “I couldn’t be prouder of the 2 teams of new and aspiring managers who took part in this challenge.

“Over the past few weeks they have faced a number of challenges, as they prepared to run their fundraising events and they have all put incredible amounts of commitment and effort into achieving some amazing results.

“They have pushed themselves well beyond their comfort zones and it’s been great to support their journey, as they’ve grown and developed through the challenge. What’s incredible is the amount that they have been able to raise, through internal fundraising events and charity store takeovers, for the wonderful charities that we support – Dorset Mind and Dorset Children’s Foundation.”

Longer-term strategy 

The challenge forms part of a longer-term learning and development strategy for the Bournemouth health insurer, and is the result of their employees calling for further opportunities to expand their skillset earlier this year.

Wil Cook was part of the charity shop team and said of the challenge and the event: “Our day in Boscombe at the Dorset Children’s Foundation was an unknown in terms of what to expect and the challenges to come… but also the rewards to be won, both in terms of financial benefit to the charity and the fulfilment we’d feel.

“At day’s end, we had exceeded the normal daily amount taken through the till and even received a generous donation!

However, this was just a by-product when set against the sense of accomplishment and achievement we had forged as a team – something that I shall look back on, and forward to, for inspiration.”

Over the past four years Health-on-Line have donated more than £40,000 to their nominated charities which are chosen by their staff each year. Since February this year they have been raising funds for both Dorset Children’s Foundation and Dorset Mind through various fundraising activities, including the Bournemouth Bay Run.

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