Hello from Health-on-Line

Welcome to our brand new Health-on-Line blog!

Whether you're already a Health-on-Line member or currently considering private health insurance, this blog will be the place to help you find out a little bit more about who Health-on-Line are and what we offer.

We'll be covering a range of different topics - from news about our health cover to the latest events in the wider world of medical insurance and health in general. At Health-on-Line we're all about simple health insurance that you can tailor to suit your needs - in plain and easy to understand terms. You won't find any confusing jargon here!

Here at the Health-on-Line blog we're also going to take a look at the world of smartphone health apps. There are some great apps out there, and of course some that aren't ... so check back soon and see what apps we recommend. We're even going to consult our resident health experts for their views on each health app we review to find out if they pass the expert's test.

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions, so please get in touch with us here at Health-on-Line by leaving your comments below. You can also drop by and visit us on Google+,Facebookand Twitter.

Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent customer service. The Heath plan was catered to my needs and requirements. I'm very impressed with the low price. Had I known how affordable health insurance was before I'd have taken it out years ago.”

    Trusted Customer