“Without the motivation to be successful I would not be where I am now…”

Before working at Health-on-Line James (JJ) was the manager of a call centre – a job with large responsibility, but an income that relied on the performance of others. He chose to take a risk, downgrading his basic salary in recognition for the earning potential available at Health-on-Line’s sister company, InsureMe-on-Line and applied for a job as a Sales Consultant within its PMI team.

After working here for just over a year, JJ has become one of the top performers in his team/company and has recently been rewarded for his hard work with a promotion to Executive Sales Consultant; he believes that without the motivation to be successful he would not be where he is now.

“I started working at Health-on-Line in July/ August 2015, and had a continual motivation to prove myself in the role. I joined here knowing other people in the company who were earning huge bonuses, and also had the opportunity to qualify for incentives, such as Dubai, which only fuelled my ambition more, to also achieve those things.”

 “A key turning point for me were the recognition awards, given out at the 2015 Christmas Party to top performers for the year. I wanted to be the one recognised for the performance I put in, and realised I had an opportunity at Health-on-Line to show the company what I am capable of. My ambition and motivation has meant I am one of the top performers in my team, and I therefore have been lucky enough to be rewarded with a trip to the Vitality football stadium as well as many nights out with work.”

JJ has many different ambitions and motives, for so many different aspects of his life, whether its football, one of his main hobbies, or work. However there is one ambition, that is a lot closer to home and that means the most to him.

“My biggest ambition is to provide for my daughter. I want to give her the best life I possibly can, and to do this I need to be financially secure. This is one reason I work so hard in my job. I get into work and see her picture on my desk, and I drink from a mug that has her face on it. It reminds me to work hard for her every day.”

“Ambition is so important to everyone at Health-on-Line. I rarely see anyone that isn’t ambitious and excited for work. Everyone here works hard, and motivates others. I really think that is why not only the sales team, but everyone at Health-on-Line works so well.”

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