“My bonus meant I could travel the world…”

Before Kingsley joined Health-on-Line he could only dream of travelling across continents and had in fact only been on a couple of holidays… Three years on he can now boast that he has visited at least six continents and plans to visit his seventh this year!

As well as travelling the world, Kingsley has achieved a promotion from sales agent to sales manager and through his bonus has been able to provide extra support to his family.

All of which he attributes to his successful career at Health-on-Line in Bournemouth.

From a student to a sales manager… 

“Before joining Health-on-Line, my background revolved largely around studying. I came to Bournemouth from London in 2010 to study Law and subsequently graduated in 2014, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my degree! I heard about the opportunity at Health-on-Line and to be honest was very sceptical about applying due to my lack of sales experience…”

“Although I lacked experience, I was reassured that training would be provided, so for me it really wasn’t a necessity. What did help me through my early days was my work ethic, something that was instilled in me early on in life by my parents as well as through my passion for playing sport competitively.”

“If I’m honest sales was never originally on my agenda… two and a half years on and I’ve found it’s actually where I belong. Every day is different and the energy around the floor is something that’s hard to replicate in any other industry.”

What does a sales manager do at Health-on-Line?

“As a Sales Manager at Health-on-Line my day to day activities can vary. I spend 25% of my time on the phones selling, which I still really enjoy, as it keeps me sharp whilst allowing me to lead from the front. 75% of my time is spent coaching and motivating my team to ensure they are able to meet their own goals and achieve success.”

What I enjoy about being in a sales role

“There are a number of things I enjoy about being at Health-on-Line in a sales role. Top of the list has got to be the buzz I get from selling and seeing my team do well. Also being able to oversee the journey that my team make; from coming through the doors to achieving their goals is a big thing for me.”

How my career at Health-on-Line has changed my life

“As cliché as it sounds, to say Health-on-Line has changed my life and the lives of those around me would be an understatement! I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities they have afforded me.”

“After the first couple of months I was able to begin my driving lessons (which I never thought I’d get round to doing) and pass. I’ve subsequently been able to buy my first and second cars. I’ve helped my parents with their mortgage and home improvements, which was actually my number one goal when I joined the company.  My next goal is getting a mortgage of my own”.

My bonus has helped me to travel the world

“Before joining Health-on-Line I’d only been on a couple of holidays, so being able to go abroad 11 times since joining has been a big personal achievement for me.”

“My holidays have all been separate as I didn’t want to take too much time off work and fall behind. The two standouts for me were Bali and Thailand. Bali is hands down the nicest country I’ve ever been to and I’ve booked to go again next month. Being able to travel the mainland/islands and embrace new cultures was a big eye opener for me. You begin to appreciate things that you may have previously taken for granted.”

Apply now you won’t regret it…

“To anyone thinking of joining Health-on-Line, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. We’ve got a great family culture here and everyone looks out for one another. If you have the hunger and desire to do well, then you will – it’s that simple! So make sure you set some short and long term goals to work towards. With the opportunity that’s available you’ll have fun ticking them off one by one.”   

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