The Great Daffodil Appeal 2014

This year, the Great Daffodil Appeal sees a real focus on the stories of Marie Curie's nurses. You can read more about these on the Marie Curie website and learn more about the role of a carer and the work that they do throughout the year.

Who does Marie Curie help?

Marie Curie is a healthcare charity which takes care of terminally ill people across the UK. The charity's focus is on providing home-based care, so that people do not have to live out their last days in hospital.

According to research commissioned by the organisation, 65 per cent of people would choose to pass away at home, while in reality only around 25 per cent of people do.

As well as providing care to help people stay at home, Marie Curie also works to improve conditions for the terminally ill via research and development in facilities nationwide.

As it is primarily a cancer charity there are a number of initiatives in place to support work and research in this area, but the charity takes care of anybody with a terminal illness who wishes to be cared for at home.

How can I help?

The easiest way to support the appeal is to purchase a paper daffodil from fundraisers around the UK - you'll see boxes in many shops and supermarkets, as well as volunteers dressed in yellow on the high street.

If you'd like, you can also choose to become a collector yourself, or hold your own event to raise money for the charity - find out how to get involved on Marie Curie's website.

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