The Road to Recruitment

Friday, October 03, 2014

Why We Are Recruiting

Health-on-Line is an exciting, expanding company, which is becoming increasingly prominent since being backed by AXA PPP healthcare. We specialise in selling private medical insurance and have carefully developed a friendly and sociable working environment, rewarding hard work and commitment through competitive salaries and enticing incentives. We offer a comprehensive induction programme with further training and opportunities that mean you will be supported throughout your career.

As an employee, your contribution to the organisation is valued and significant with real responsibilities that lead to real rewards. Reyad Sibley-Coombe, our Senior Test Analyst sums up the attitude of Health-on-Line towards its staff stating, "There is genuine recognition that an individual's contribution to the company's success has real value. Health-on-Line is a rapidly expanding company with exceptional ambitions."

As a growing company, we have employed more than 100 new staff this year alone to facilitate our increasing sales volume. Being determined to deliver an excellent customer service requires focus, dedication and motivation. In order to continue to deliver excellent customer service in all areas of the business we are currently recruiting in a variety of departments.

Our Online Presence

We are striving to make it more and more simple to connect with Health-on-Line, whether you are an existing employee or are looking for job vacancies. This month we launched our Twitter account @HOL_Careers, dedicated to providing information about our current vacancies within the organisation as well as highlighting the brilliant things our employees are doing. Make sure to follow us or visit to see the long list of benefits that working at Health-on-Line offers, along with all our current job vacancies and how to contact us about available positions.

What We Look For

We seek highly motivated individuals who are committed to providing an excellent customer experience, being sensitive with the issues that arise and actively looking to provide an appropriate and affordable solution. Health-on-Line is ambitious and look to employ individuals who share this ethos, Lorna Frohlich, Marketing & Projects Assistant says, "In the space of a year I have progressed to a senior role and now have recently joined the marketing team. If it's a career you're looking for, Health-on-line can provide you with the opportunity."

Top Tips

Simple adjustments to your CV can make a big difference. Correctly formatting your CV with a clear layout immediately makes it much more visually appealing and easier to read. Sophie, our HR Manager, gives her advice, "It is good practice to arrange experiences with the most recent first. It is much clearer, enabling us to dissect the most recent and therefore more relevant experience." Make sure you double-check your spelling and grammar even if you get a second pair of eyes to look through it. We love receiving well-written, fluent CVs that we can sink our teeth into.

It is important that you stand out. Sophie believes that confidence and honesty are two of the most significant traits that are important to portray during an interview. This can be as easy as giving a firm handshake, dressing smartly, making eye contact often and supporting what you are saying with clear body language. Sophie admits, "The first thirty seconds to a minute reveals a lot. It tells us what kind of person you are and sets the tone for the rest of the interview. A limp handshake is not a good start so brush up on that!"

Although you should be looking to sell yourself to us, the interview is a two way process. It is as much a chance for you to learn about us as it is for us to learn about you. Do your research before coming in so you are prepared, applicants should know a bit about us and the role they are applying for, but we enjoy answering questions so think of some beforehand. Bring a pad of paper, evidence of your past experiences, and a pen to make as many notes as you need. Evidence of past performance can be in the form of sales stats or pay slips that show bonuses if you're applying for a sales role. Draw on any appropriate experiences you may have as often as you can to confirm to us that you have applied what you are capable of in a real world situation.

Above all, be confident and honest.

The requirements for each position vary so be sure to carefully read each vacancy on to make sure you are applying for the career best suited to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent customer service. The Heath plan was catered to my needs and requirements. I'm very impressed with the low price. Had I known how affordable health insurance was before I'd have taken it out years ago.”

    Trusted Customer