What are Private GP Consultations?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The initial consultation at a doctor’s surgery or hospital can be the most daunting and nerve racking process of getting treatment and it is not uncommon for people to have difficulty in facing the reality that there might be something wrong or to have concerns regarding their diagnosis.

These natural feelings about our health are unfortunately being heightened by the inability to seek advice or consultation quickly and efficiently on the NHS. In recent weeks, these concerns have been brought to the attention of the Great British public with the improvements to the healthcare sector being a primary aim of all political parties.

The Labour party have stated that ‘over a quarter of the public say they can’t get an appointment to see their GP in the same week’.  In a recent survey held by the Patients Association it has also been recorded that ‘60% of people said they waited longer than 48 hours to see a GP’ and furthermore, according to the most recent GP survey 13 million people have not been able to get an appointment at their surgery, or have had to wait a week or more for an appointment the last time they tried.*

The Labour party are not alone and the Conservative party have also recognised the importance of looking at the accessibility to see a GP, pledging that they would increase the GP workforce by 5,000. **

In order to assist in this struggle for access to see a GP and act as an addition to the NHS, we have introduced a new ‘Personal Health’ plan that includes the ability to have access to Private GP consultations. This is available for customers who chose to include the ‘Extended Cover Option’ and is designed to ensure that customers do not only receive treatment and follow up care that can provide peace of mind, but to extend this process giving consumers the reassurance they are looking for from the first interaction with a GP.

This option is a new and innovative element of the new product introduced by AXA PPP healthcare that is not widely accessible in the private medical insurance industry, making us stand out and able to offer our consumers something different.

Whether it is the ability to access a GP quickly or  the comfort in visiting the same GP through your private medical insurance, Health-on-Line can help to minimise your concerns and give you reassurance by looking after your health from your first GP visit.




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