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Business Health Insurance Cover Options

We realise that every business has different needs and budgets for the private medical insurance they provide for their people.  

That’s why our policies come with different modules that are easy to set up, run and change.  If you have over six employees you can even choose different levels of cover for each individual, should you wish to do so.

Business Priority Health – for affordable health insurance with a hand-picked range of hospitals across the country, get a quote online.

Business Health Select – for health insurance with a broader range of hospital options, please call 01202 544000 for a quote.

Business Priority Health

Health Insurance for your people at an affordable price

Business Priority Health provides your business with flexible health insurance that can be tailored to the needs – and budget – of your business. By using a selection of hospitals hand-picked for their quality and services we are able to keep costs down and standards high.

Start with the Core Cover that is a standard feature of every Business Priority Health policy and then choose from the following additional features:

  • Standard Out-Patient – up to two GP referred consultations a year, with no yearly limit on diagnostic tests, CT, MRI or PET scans when referred by a specialist
  • A combined £1000 limit for GP referred specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and clinical practitioner charges with no yearly limit on CT, MRI or PET scans when a specialist refers you
  • Full Out-Patient – no restrictions on GP-referred specialist consultations, tests and charges
  • Therapies – up to £500 a year in total for physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment when your employee is referred by a GP
  • Mental Health – cover for hospital overnight stays or as a day patient for psychiatric treatment for up to 30 days a year. Plus up to £1,000 a year for out-patient psychiatric consultations, psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist treatments when referred by a specialist
  • Extra Care – hospital care at home with a nurse; NHS cash benefit of £50 a night and up to £2,000 a year; specified oral surgery; and up to £150 a year for chiropody
  • Dentist and Optician Cashback – money back for 80% of dental charges, up to £400 a year; up to £200 towards prescription glasses and contacts lenses; £25 a year for eye tests
  • Extra Cancer – no time limit on cover for specialists cancer drugs, including experimental drug treatments as part of an approved trial

Control the cost of your Business Policy

We’ve come up with a number of ways to help you provide the level of cover you want for your people within a budget that suits your business:

  • You can add an optional excess (eg £100, £250, £500)
  • Take out our Six Week Safety net, which means that if your employees can be treated by the NHS within six weeks, they will be treated by them - if not they will be treated privately

Get a Quote online (only available to businesses who have less than six employees)

More than six employees? Call 01202 544000

Business Health Select:

Health Insurance with a wide range of hospitals

Business Health Select, available through AXA PPP healthcare is designed to give you and your employees peace of mind about the treatment they receive and where they’ll receive it. This plan offers the same cover as Business Priority Health but with a broader selection of hospitals across the UK, offering greater flexibility and convenience for your business and your people.

For more information, or to buy online, please visit AXA PPP healthcare

or call us on 01202 544000

Business Priority Health Policy Summary

Business Health Select Policy Summary

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