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Quote Helpline 01202 544030

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Making A Claim

At Health-on-Line we get some great feedback from our members. They tell us how easy and straightforward our claims service is and how happy they are with the private hospitals we use. Here are the steps for a typical claims process.

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How to make a claim

What happens if they want to see a specific specialist?

If an employee would like to see a specialist who is not a Business Protect specialist, but is recognised by AXA PPP healthcare, we will pay 60% of the charges that would normally apply. You will be responsible for paying the remaining charges.

E.g. A patient visits a specialist who is recognised by AXA but who is not a Business Protect specialist. The Specialist charges £1000 for the operation. The AXA rate for that particular operation is £800, therefore we would pay 60% of the AXA agreed rate. In this example 60% of £800 = £480.

If the selected specialist is not recognised by Health-on-Line, or AXA PPP healthcare, you will be responsible for paying the charges in full.

How are the medical bills paid?

Specialists and hospitals normally send their bills to us, so we can pay them directly. If you need to pay an excess, we will let you know how to pay it.

To find out which hospitals are covered, please use our Private Hospital Search Facility.