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Having a work/life balance is possible…

When we asked Gemma how Health-on-Line differed from her previous jobs, she said:

“Previously I would work longer hours and often I would take my work home with me. This meant I had hardly any spare time to spend with my loved ones. My job in customer service at Health-on-Line has meant that I now have my evenings and weekends free, so that I can actually make the time to see my family and friends, rather than resorting to facetiming them!”

So why is a work/life balance important?

No matter what your job is or if you have additional commitments such as a family, making sure you have a healthy balance between your work and home life is essential to leading a positive and productive lifestyle!1 

Not having a work/life balance could negatively impact your health and wellbeing…

According to the Mental Health Foundation, “the pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population.”2

Did you know around three in every ten employees will experience a mental health problem?

If you’re devoting too much time to work, it shouldn’t take too long for you to start feeling the consequences! Symptoms can include fatigue, stress and regular occurrences of sickness (due to a weakened immune system).

However this doesn’t mean you have to stop working hard! According to Reed it’s all about finding the right balance:

“By recognising your own individual triggers and understanding when you’re overdoing it, you’ll be able to recognise the early warning signs before you start burning out.”1

How does Health-on-Line support its staff?

At Health-on-Line we believe in providing our operations staff with a better work/life balance. One of the ways we do this is by having a 35 hour working week (for our operations teams), one hour lunch breaks and not being obliged to work weekends.

As well as this our HR team provide support through our ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ which gives our staff access to help and advice, from counselling to legal/financial helplines.

Dependent on role all of our staff are entitled between 20 to 30 days holiday which increases by a day for each year of service.  Employees can also benefit from getting additional day offs for important milestones, such as for your birthday (when it falls on a working day), when you get married and when you purchase a property. We also give our staff the opportunity to purchase up to 5 days of additional holiday, with costs being split over 3 months. 

Health-on-Line are recruiting in Bournemouth for sales and claims! Visit our vacancies page to find out more.


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