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When you think about a successful career, you can easily compare it to a recipe; such as baking that perfect cake or even putting together beans on toast. Baking or cooking is a lot about trial and error before you perfect your recipe, without the right ingredients it simply wouldn’t work. Which is why it is easy to compare it to building a successful career – through learning from experience and mixing it with the right ingredients, the better it will be!  

According to the Huffington Post:

“The ideal career recipe includes five ingredients: passion, movement using a lattice approach vs. a ladder approach, being purposeful, being a leader and realizing I can’t do it all alone.” (Huffington Post, 2014)

Below are our directions on how you can put together your own recipe to a successful career:

1. Put a shopping list together

Like any great recipe, planning is key to ensuring that you have all the right ingredients and utensils ready to mix up. Make a list of the attributes, skills and experience you will need in order to be successful in your chosen career path. For example for a sales role at Health-on-Line you could list motivation, drive and hard work as your ingredients. In terms of skills or experience, if you were to join Health-on-Line sales you would undergo 2-3 weeks of comprehensive training in our purpose built model office, so in theory we will provide you with the utensils.       

2. Practise makes perfect

Great chefs constantly strive to perfect their recipe. So don’t be afraid of learning from your experiences or even changing up your recipe to reflect them. Learning new skills can also help you to stand out from the crowd, industries are often changing, so try to stay up to date.

3. Take time to sit back and enjoy what you’ve made

On the way to success it is also important to sit back and enjoy what you’ve made. Don’t forget to take time to relax and get some sleep!

According to Lifehack it is instrumental to success:

“You won’t become successful before loving yourself. Never stay up the whole night at the price of making invaluable sacrifices – harming your health, unless you really have an urgent project needs to be finished. Successful people hit the hay early as being well rested helps boost their moods and keep a sharp focus.” (Lifehack, 2017)

4. Improving your recipe

Draw on the experience of those around you. At Health-on-Line we have some extremely talented sales people and staff for you to learn from. They know this industry inside out and what works best for them. So make sure you aren’t afraid of asking for advice or one to one coaching. Their experiences could help you in improving your own recipe.      

5. The proof is in the pudding

Set goals of what you wish to achieve as a result of your success, it could be a new house or even purchasing your first home. This will help you to see the value in all of your hard work and motivate you to achieve them. Read Louis’ blog on how his career in sales helped him to purchase a house at 26.   

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