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Diet Buster: The Master Cleanse

How does it work?

The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade Diet, is a juice fast that involves replacing all your usual daily meals with a liquid diet. This consists of herbal teas, salt-water drinks and a lemon-based drink, as well as a laxative – all of which are consumed in certain set phases as outlined by the diet.

The idea is to ease yourself into replacing food with said drinks, but the diet involves a ten-day stretch of consuming no solid food whatsoever. After this, the diet steadily reintroduces food, until a routine of heavily fruit and vegetable-based meals is maintained, featuring no dairy and only a small amount of meat.

What’s the appeal?

The Master Cleanse may seem attractive at first as you’re likely to lose weight due to the sheer lack of calories being consumed. But as well as losing the weight, you’ll also be getting rid of water as well as your muscle. The diet doesn’t allow you to exercise while undertaking it, due to there being no solid food consumed during it.  

Is it worth it?

The Master Cleanse requires a lot of effort, and can come with side-effects such as headaches, tiredness and cravings. The diet is also very strict, and won’t work unless it’s followed precisely. Being so strict, this can often make a lot of day-to-day activities difficult, particularly social situations that include going out for food or drinks.

The Master Cleanse is described as a detoxifying diet. Generally, detox diets are considered unnecessary, as the liver is responsible for ridding the body of any toxins already, without having to control what you consume to the extent of this diet.


Rating: 3/10

Although some people may experience a boost in energy and weight loss when undertaking the Master Cleanse, it is highly likely that the weight will just be put back on once it has finished. Not permitting your body certain nutrients and cutting out food altogether is also not the best idea, as there are other ways to lose weight – and keep it off – without having to go to such extremes as this. Health-on-Line would not recommend this.



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