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Greece: Healthy living around the world

The Greek diet

For most people in Greece, the typical daily food routine consists of three meals, with lunch generally being the largest meal of the day. Popular Greek food includes dishes such as moussaka; a type of oven-baked casserole, tzatziki; a cucumber dip, and dolmathakia; which are stuffed grape leaves.

Breakfasts tend to be on the small side, given that the largest meal of the day is normally eaten at lunchtime. Lunch might consist of some sort of meat or veg-based casserole, with bread, salad and cheese. Snacks generally consist of spinach or cheese pitas, which are a savoury type of pie made with filo pastry.

More often than not the usual routine would also feature an afternoon coffee-break. At one time, this would have followed an afternoon nap, although nowadays the modern lifestyle unfortunately doesn’t always accommodate this. Evening meals are usually eaten quite late on, and consist of lighter foods such as salads, sandwiches and yoghurts.


The Mediterranean diet is said to have many benefits for your health. It involves very few saturated fats, and the fats that are present are mostly from olive oils. Greek food involves lots of vegetables and salads, and fresh fruit is readily available, making the diet a relatively healthy one.

Popular exercises

Traditionally, athletic sports are common in Greece, dating back to the first Olympic Games, but now, football and basketball are two of the most popular sports there.


Team sports such as football are a great way to exercise. Running around on the pitch provides a cardio workout, while passing and dribbling are good ways to improve coordination and balance. The shifts between sprinting and jogging can also benefit your health, too.

Basketball is another team sport that provides a great opportunity for a workout. Although less cardio-focused than football, its benefits include improving balance, concentration and it can be muscle-building, too.


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