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It’s the small things: Switching to green tea

Ditch the coffee and start drinking green tea every morning, for a cheaper, healthier energy boost with a whole host of added benefits.

The Science

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, making the body work faster - and when we stop drinking it, it can cause mild withdrawal symptoms. By switching to green tea, you can bring your caffeine consumption down to a healthier level - and you'll benefit from the natural antioxidants present in each brew.

How to make it a routine

It's as simple as making coffee, all you need to do is make sure you have a box of green teabags at home and in the office. True coffee connoisseurs will be pleased to note that there are as many varieties of green tea as there are coffee, so you can still get stuck into the nerdier side of it!


Within just a couple of weeks, your body will have become attuned to operating on a lower level of caffeine. As a result you'll sleep better at night, have more concentration in that day, and you'll find it easier to ditch caffeine altogether if you ever choose to.


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“Your representative had a good understanding of my requirements and put together a suitable scheme at a competitive price.”

Health-on-Line Customer, Hertfordshire