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It’s the small things: Taking the Stairs

Make a small change to your life today by opting to take the stairs rather than the lift - whether that's at work, in the office or while you're out and about.

The science

Climbing stairs is a cardio activity - that means it gets your blood pumping a little faster, thanks to the exerted effort you're using in your legs and back. One of the main reasons it's recommended you get regular exercise is because your heart benefits from stimulation - it gets the whole circulatory system working, improving your blood pressure and cholesterol.

How to make it a routine

This is an easy one. If you're able to climb a flight of stairs, just make sure you always take this option, even if you have to go slowly at first. If you find yourself getting breathless, walk halfway up and get the lift the rest of the way, then gradually increase the number of stairs you climb as your heart and body get stronger.


Researchers have found that this small change can make some huge differences: those Swiss researchers found that after three months participants had improved lung capacity and heart health, and decreased weight and body fat, which overall led to a 15 per cent decrease in the risk of dying prematurely.


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