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One in five of us are falling short of exercise targets

Health-on-Line recently ran a survey with YouGov to find out how much exercise the typical Brit carries out in a week. The results shows that around 20 per cent of us aren't hitting the 30 minutes a day recommended by health experts - and 40 per cent of respondents said lack of time prevented them from exercising as much as they'd like.


How we prioritise exercise is an interesting topic; just 17 per cent said exercise was part of their daily routine. For many others, half an hour a day doesn't fit into a schedule of more important or more interesting activities. We found that London is the gym-going capital, with 17 per cent of respondents going regularly compared to the 13 per cent average across the UK. However, barriers to exercise were varied: 40 per cent felt that lack of time was preventing them from exercising, while 17 per cent cited costs and another 2 per cent said they were too embarrassed or not confident enough to exercise in public.


The most popular form of exercise is of course walking; 63 per cent cited it as their main source of exercise, and many can get this in during a walk to work. Other favourites included swimming, cycling, gym programs and outdoor running.


Perhaps most importantly, we were able to find some of the most common motivations and benefits of exercising - so if you're looking for a reason to get started, let these inspire you! We were pleased to see that over a quarter of all those who exercise do so for their overall health, while 17 per cent said their primary reason was to lose weight. The benefits were fairly evenly split between our respondents, who said they ate better food, slept for longer and drank more water as a result of exercising.


Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, so if you're one of the 80 per cent of people reaching their weekly targets, well done! If you do need to exercise more, there are plenty of ways to work out at home, without spending a fortune. Online fitness videos are a great way to stick to a routine, while easier activities such as yoga are a really good starter point to get your heart rate up and keep your body happy and healthy!

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