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Diet Buster: The Alkaline Diet

The theory behind the Alkaline Diet is that our usual, everyday diets result in too much acid being produced in the body, which ends up being stored as fat, and ultimately causing weight gain. By way of combating this, the Alkaline Diet recommends reducing your intake of foods that are thought to produce acid in the body, including meat, caffeine, alcohol, dairy foods, wheat, refined sugar and processed food.

Other than weight gain, high levels of acidity have been known to cause illnesses such as arthritis, kidney and liver problems, and tiredness as well as osteoporosis, a condition that can affect the strength of bones.

How does it work?

The diet recommends replacing said acid-creating foods with fruit and vegetables, or other alkaline foods. When opting for this type of nutrition, some people take the approach of eating 80% fruit and vegetables, with the remaining 20% consisting of other grains and proteins.

What’s the appeal?

At first, the Alkaline Diet was created to help reduce the amount of acid present in the urine, in order to help prevent kidney stones from forming. Reducing the acid levels was also beneficial to prevent urine infections.

Is it worth it?

Generally, eating more fruit and vegetables – and eating less sugar and processed food – is a good idea for weight-loss, as eating healthily can have a positive impact on all aspects of health. However, in terms of acidity levels, your body can control this anyway, without you having to manage what you eat.

As well as this, cutting out certain food groups such as dairy as the diet recommends, may not be as healthy as maintaining a balanced and portion controlled diet. Finding the right nutrient replacements from other foods, and maintaining a balance between them could be tricky to achieve.

Rating: 4/10

Although eating more fresh fruit and veg and reducing your intake of sugar and processed foods can be good for your health, omitting dairy and some meats can make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet – all to achieve something your body should do by itself anyway. As the premise behind the Alkaline Diet is to reduce acid, rather than maintain a balanced and portion controlled diet, other diet plans may be more effective and less complicated in the road to weight loss.




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