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Exercise of the month: Dance workout

What it is

As a form of exercise, dancing is a great way to keep fit and have fun while you’re doing it. Dance workouts are growing in popularity, ranging from hip hop and ballet to salsa and street dance. It really is one of the most varied forms of exercise around.

How it benefits you

Taking up a dance class or learning some new routines can help you keep fit and lose weight. Classes are great for improving your posture, as well as strengthening your muscles and working on your balance.

Dancing can also be a great stress-buster – learning new moves while listening to some up-beat music can do wonders for your health. Dance classes are a good way to meet new people, too.

Concentrating on a dance routine can also help to give your brain a workout as well as your body. As a creative art form, dancing can be really expressive, and is a great way to build confidence as well as keep fit.

How to get into it

Joining a dance class or club is a great way to keep motivated when it comes to exercise. As well as spurring you on to attend the class each week, the atmosphere created will certainly make exercising more fun. Most dance schools will run a beginners session, which can be a really handy introduction to the exercise.



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