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Fuel for Families: eating more vegetables

Getting your family to eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day, every day, can sometimes be difficult - especially if there are a couple of fussy eaters in your house. As well as having fresh fruit and veg as snacks, there are a few ways to add some extra vitamins into your weekly meal plan, too.



Try adding slices of fruit to cereal and having a glass of unsweetened fruit juice with your breakfast, and you’ve already had two portions before you’ve even started the day.

For healthy ideas on ways to make breakfasts more interesting, as well as tips for eating on the go, take a look through these options from NHS Choices.



Adding dried fruit into lunchboxes is another option. Dried fruit is more robust than fresh, so is less likely to get squashed throughout the day as well as still contributing to your daily intake of fruit.

Adding salad into sandwiches or sticks of fresh veg is another way to get a few more vitamins into lunchtimes. These recipes from BBC Good Food provide some inspiration for mixing it up at lunchtime.


Adding extra vegetables into sauces is a good way to sneak in the last couple of daily portions. Onions, celery and carrots can be great in a bolognese sauce, and adding veg to your pizza toppings, such as mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers, is another great way to disguise them for those who may be less keen to try it out.

BBC Good Food’s list of quick, healthy dinners provide some great options for midweek meals. 


Packing fresh fruit or sticks of raw veg to snack on throughout the day is another great way to eat more veg. Having snacks with you can also help remove any temptation to purchase unhealthy, sugary snacks too.



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