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It’s the small things – swap fizzy drinks for water

Making a simple change to your day to day routine can have a big effect on your general health, and by starting with the small things, great results won’t be too far away.


The science

Fizzy drinks generally contain a lot of sugar, and are more often than not high in calories too. A high intake of sugar can lead to tooth decay, and if it isn’t burnt off, the excess energy from sugar will be stored as fat, which can lead to being overweight. Replacing a fizzy drink with water will still quench your thirst, but more importantly it will help to keep you hydrated without the added negatives of tooth-damage and weight gain.


How to make it a routine

Try to get into the habit of purposely not buying fizzy drinks in your weekly shop, or when you’re out and about, opt for water instead. Tap water in restaurants is usually free, so you may find yourself saving some money.



Swapping fizzy drinks for water will create certain benefits for your health such as less tooth decay, better hydration and less weight gain from unused sugar energy.



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