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Diet Buster: The Baby Food Diet

What can and can’t you do?

Rumoured to be designed by dieting diva and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, this is one diet with all its clues in the title. The Baby Food scheme requires the dieter to replace breakfast and lunch with up to 14 pots of baby food, and then eat a normal meal in the evening. All flavour options of baby food are acceptable, making variety your best ally in the quest to stomach the slush.

How does it work?

As baby food is already pulped, the food you eat early in the day is designed to speed through your system while still fulfilling your calorie quota (if you manage to keep enough of it down). Although the diet is designed more as a way of maintaining pre-existing weight loss than shedding pounds of its own accord, baby food is also famed for lacking additives and preservatives, and has allegedly worked wonders for the likes of Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga.

Who does it suit?

Those with a reasonable disposable income. Baby food isn’t always particularly cheap, and if you’re eating up to 14 jars a day, the cost will soon add up. However, one of its big advantages is its simplicity – requiring no fancy preparation, this diet could suit those with busy lives and simple tastes.

Is it worth it?

Baby food isn’t famed for its satisfying nature, and replacing two meals a day with puree could lead to an imbalanced diet, if a variety of ingredients and jars isn’t well managed. As it is the act of chewing and digesting protein in an adult diet that leaves you feeling ‘full’, a baby food diet isn’t guaranteed to give you the balanced diet or full feeling that can help you stick to a diet plan.

Rating: 4/10

This diet could be expensive to maintain and require organisation to ensure a balanced variety of food groups are consumed. The jury is still out about the plan’s weight loss potential, but eating a balanced and portion controlled diet is often the most sensible approach.




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