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Top five training and preparation tips for runners

Many debate the positives and negatives to how much preparation should be invested into a running challenge or event, in some cases Marathon runners have decided to take part in an event without any training what so ever. According to BBC News, former athlete David Bedford only chose to enter the 1981 London Marathon in the early hours of race day whilst in a nightclub after being challenged by Grandstand Commentator David Coleman1 – a preparation strategy that wouldn’t usually be recommended!

Whatever running challenge you decide to take part in this year, whether it’s a more slowly paced 10k run or a challenging half marathon, it can be important to ensure that you’re prepared for the big event. From nutrition to training our top ten training tips for runners could help give you that extra boost on the day.

1. Try not to ‘over train’2

According to World Running, once a runner has received confirmation of their place it is not uncommon to panic and as a result they can over train by pushing their limits rather than sticking to a steady plan. They recommend sticking to the 10% rule which states that your weekly long run shouldn’t be increased by more than 10% or a mile so that you build a steady base.   

2. Invest in appropriate footwear3

Marathon Rookie recommends treating your feet to a good pair of running trainers as they will be the most important piece of your running gear. They recommend visiting a shop that specialises in running equipment to find the best trainers to suit your feet and needs.   

3. Pace your training4

Sticking to short and easier runs can help you to maintain a steady pace ready for race day. Maintaining a steady pace will help you to conserve energy so your less likely to run out of steam on the big day.

4. Try not to get overwhelmed with advice4

As soon as you share with your family and friends your plans to train for a Marathon you may find yourself inundated with advice about anything from nutrition to how you should be training. Switching up your training to encompass the latest training techniques could hinder your training progress and could result in you overtraining, therefore it is better to stick to your goals and trust in your original training plan.

5. Don’t forget to read your registration materials5         

Read all registration materials provided prior to race day. This will give you all the information you need to know in regards to start-line etiquette and your projected start time. 

Good luck with your running challenge and don’t forget to enjoy the day!

Looking for a challenge to take on this year? There are many running events taking place across the UK this year, if you’re looking for an event in the Dorset-area why not sign up for the Bournemouth Marathon? The event itself takes place on Sunday 4th October and gives you choice of a various races, from a steady 5k to more strenuous full marathon.

To register for the Bournemouth Marathon please visit


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