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Top ten tech to help power your run

Whatever your reason for running, whether it is to get into shape or to train for a marathon, there are a lot of different types of technology and apps that can help to improve your overall experience. Techradar recommends not over loading yourself with all the different types of gadgetry that are available and to instead make your choice carefully based on a product that is not only going to help motivate you but can also help track progress towards your goals1.

1. Fitbit Flex

Wearable technology like the Fitbit Flex is becoming increasingly popular within the running community. Many are choosing this type of gadgetry to not only help monitor their fitness levels but to also help prompt better exercise and health2. This activity tracker literally tracks your movement throughout the day whilst estimating the distance travelled and the calories burned. All data from the Fitbit Flex is transferred to your computer via the Fitbit Connect or the Fitbit App on your phone.   

2. Zombies, Run! 

Zombies, Run is a free app for your smartphone that helps to give you that extra boost and motivation whilst you’re running. The app features 3 seasons of zombie apocalypse audio adventure narrative to help you keep going and avoid being eaten by fictitious zombies which you can hear through your headphones.

3. Run Mino

Mino is a wearable technology that lets you know exactly when your trainers are worn out. The thin device is simply placed under the insole of the trainer and measures the impact absorbed by the trainer to give a more accurate reading of its lifespan which according to Competitor3 is a great way to avoid injury from running in worn out trainers.     

4. My Rad Dog Release N Run collar

Enjoy running with your dog? The My Rad Dog Release N Run collar allows you to easily run with your dog by allowing you to simply let go of the handle of the leash which retracts into the collar, leaving you to freely run with your dog without having to unclip the lead. Bear in mind this product is designed for dogs who are used to being off the lead4.

5. Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses

Mens Fitness5 recommends using these lightweight sunglasses to help eliminate irritating glare and contrast from the sun that usually comes with running all year round.  The sunglasses feature a switch lock quick release system that lets you alternate the lenses depending on the weather and terrain.

6. Nike+ Running 

This free GPS enabled app from Nike allows you to track your route, distance, pace, time and calories burned during your run6. It also features a coaching function which includes training plans and daily workouts that are intended to help you ‘run smarter’.

7. Eat Fit

Whatever challenge you’re taking on this year, whether it is to take part in a running event or just to lead a healthier lifestyle, diet and nutrition can be the key to helping you go that extra mile. The Eat Fit is a free app that calls itself a ‘mobile nutrition coach’7. The app itself is packed with various features such as the diverse range of meal plans which will help you to eat healthier and maximise your performance. For more information on nutrition and diet read our top ten tips to fuel your run.  

8. Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Headphones

Love listening to music to motivate you during your run? According to the Telegraph the Jabra Sports Pulse headphones not only offer great quality sound but also monitor your heart rate whilst you run8. The headphones can be paired with the Jabra Sport Life app which allows the user to have real time coaching straight into their ear.

9. Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

The miCoach Speed Cell is a Bluetooth device that can be clipped on to your running shoes which is used in conjunction with the miCoach multi-sport to record speed, distance and stride rate. This gadget can also be used to monitor sports activities such as football, rugby and tennis.

10. Nike Free 5

If you’re looking for your first running trainer gadget and technology experts T3 recommend the Nike Free 5. According to T3 they are a comfortable, lightweight and stylish running shoe. The trainers have a low-profile midsole and rounded heel that allows you to naturally stride whilst the mesh offers much needed support whilst you run.

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*Please note we are providing information and examples but we do not endorse any specific products. 


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