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Health Tech

All the latest advances in health technology.

Doctor and nurse using Windows 10

Could Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 revolutionise the healthcare industry?

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Doctor using technology

Technology could be used by the NHS to improve healthcare and reduce the funding gap

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Dementia Technology

2015 is set to be a ground-breaking year for innovation in Dementia technology.

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doctor using computer

dotMED will see over 150 young medical start-ups vie for a £1,000 cash prize

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woman using iphone

Apple revealed it was stepping into the medtech sector with software called HealthKit.

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woman holding contact lense

This device is able to measure the glucose levels in the tears of the eye at an astonishing rate

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health watch

The LifeTrak BRITE R450 from Salutron is a new breed of device designed to monitor...

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woman putting cream on her hands

In order to treat cases of the skin condition psoriasis, technology company Philips is...

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wrist health monitor

A new product from Chinese company Viatom Technology, the Checkme health monitor...

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dialysis machine

A new clinical trial is due to take place in the US, looking into a new dialysis machine...

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man holding health gadget

Researchers from the National Taiwan University Hospital and National Chiao-Tung University...

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doctor holding pills

Researchers at Louisiana Tech University last month took a big step forward in increasing...

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