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Checkme Health Monitor

A new product from Chinese company Viatom Technology, the Checkme health monitor, has recently be released, and seems to offer plenty of benefits. The device monitors various aspects of health, including an ECG reading, monitoring your temperature and blood oxygenation levels, as well as monitoring your health during sleep, and also works as a pedometer.


Perhaps most interestingly, the device can also monitor your blood pressure without using a sleeve, something which may be of interest to those who suffer from ‘white coat syndrome’. This can affect a person’s blood pressure reading, as either the medical environment or the feeling of pressure around the arm when having your blood pressure checked can be stressful to some patients, causing their blood pressure to rise, and therefore giving an inaccurate reading.


The device features a touch screen, is wireless and takes approximately 20 seconds to read the user’s health measurements. What’s more, the device also comes with an app you can download, which displays all your health measurements and readings so you can show them to your family, or your doctor, too. This can be particularly useful for patients as it allows them to give their doctor a more accurate assessment of their health between appointments.


For measuring your temperature, the device uses infrared to give an accurate reading. It also features a calendar and clock, so you can set reminders for when you will need to use it. When using the mobile application, users can keep track of their readings, using the clear graphs it uses to display information. As well as this, the device also allows you to attach a voice recording to your reading, meaning you can record notes on what was happening at the time of each use.




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