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60-Second Factfile: Chickenpox

Symptoms: An itchy rash that can appear anywhere on the body, which changes to fluid-filled blisters before scabbing over. Other symptoms may include a fever, aching muscles, headaches, feeling sick and a loss of appetite.


Living with chickenpox: Chickenpox is mainly suffered in childhood, and can be quite uncomfortable to experience. Most common in children under ten, the illness is infectious to others from a couple of days before the rash appears, up until all the blisters have developed a scab. Some children may experience a fever with chickenpox, as well as irritation as the spots can be itchy.


Treatment: Chickenpox does not have a specific treatment, just its symptoms can be soothed. Some use calamine lotion or alternatives to deal with the itchiness, as well as staying away from public areas to help prevent the infection from spreading, especially to those who may be at greater risk of more serious problems from the illness.


Mythbuster: Although it is much more common among children, adults can still contract chickenpox, although in adults, it is more likely to lead to further health problems.




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