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60-Second Factfile: Migraine


Intense pain in the head, some people become sensitive to lights and sounds, and others experience nausea and vomiting. Other symptoms may include pains in the face and neck.

Living with migraine

Occasionally, people who suffer with migraines may experience certain warning signs before an attack occurs, this is known as aura. These can include feelings of numbness or tingling, seeing flashing lights, blind spots, dizziness or difficulty speaking. Some sufferers may experience migraines multiple times over the course of a week, whereas others may only rarely experience one, having years pass between attacks.

What causes migraines to occur is unknown. For some people, they may be triggered by stress, dehydration or particular foods. When experiencing a migraine, some may find lying down in a dark, silent room, or sleeping can help to alleviate the pain.


Migraines are usually treated with either painkillers, or triptans, which help to reverse what occurs in the brain when a migraine happens. Some may be treated with anti-emetics, which help to reduce the nausea and vomiting some sufferers may experience.


Migraines are often mistaken for regular headaches, however migraines are a much more severe type of pain, and are coupled with other symptoms which can often be quite debilitating for the sufferer.


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