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Businesses Failing To Address Employee Mental Health

Around 41 per cent of small businesses fail to approach their employees regarding their mental wellbeing, whilst around a quarter don't feel confident in establishing if an employee has been suffering ill health, feeling stressed or even recognising depression.  Whilst understandable that an untrained staff member may not recognise someone suffering in the workplace from a mental illness, it was reported that 30 per cent of management felt it wasn't their place to get involved in an employee's mental health.

Company bosses felt that enquiring about an employee's mental wellbeing was intrusive and an invasion of privacy, although they did acknowledge that it should certainly be treated as a serious health concern.  Mental health charity Mind have stated that while physical health and safety issues are a large part of a company's business practice, they felt that mental health continued to be "the elephant in the room".

Mental health affects 1 in 6 workers in the UK, which means that 4.8 million of the UK's workforce suffers from some form of mental illness.  There are many ways in which you can ensure the mental health of your employees, helping them turn a corner by having their needs properly supported through a company health insurance plan that includes mental health.

A spokesperson for Health-on-Line said "the challenge with mental illness is establishing what the problem is, identifying an employee's condition and treating it as soon as possible."

"Many people that are suffering do so needlessly when there are support programmes available from their companies health insurance schemes, along with charities who help those who suffer in silence get back into work with the appropriate treatment."

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