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No Smoking Day

The aim of the day was to provide tools and support to quit the habit. UK events included No Smoking campaigners and health experts carrying out carbon monoxide readings on travellers across the London Underground, while in the north an innovative event called "KnitQuitin" was held in Richmond to encourage quitters to keep their hands busy through knitting!

What are the options for quitters?

We're all for raising awareness, so we've provided some resources which should help you find the right method of quitting for you. Of course, there's no replacement for your own GP, and they are the best placed person to provide support - but if you're not ready yet, or you'd rather work on it yourself first, these will give you a great headstart.

First, check out the No Smoking Day website, which has plenty of current news and advice on the different tools available to quit. You should also take a look at the NHS' dedicated section for quitters, which includes everything from free packs of cessation aids to stories and tips from ex-smokers.

Popular forms of quitting aids include patches, nicotine gum and inhalators - although it's worth noting that as inhalators are a relatively new device for quitting smoking, their effectiveness hasn't been fully researched yet, so you may find a chat with a health expert is a good idea before you begin using them.

How can I help?

If you want to get involved in the No Smoking Day campaign, it's not too late! Fundraisers are being held throughout the week, and you can download resources to affiliate any events with the campaign. You could also contact your local schools and suggest that they hold a no smoking awareness day, or support a friend who is trying to quit by offering your help should they need it. There are plenty of ways to take part - as always, don't forget to let us know how you did!

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