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Quote Helpline 01202 544255

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Dedicated 24/7 helpline

Health-at-Hand is our free helpline, providing direct telephone access to medical professionals such as nurses, midwives, counsellors and pharmacists who are all experts in their field.

Google estimates that there’s a staggering 8.3 billion health-related searches every month. But have you ever stopped to think just how reliable the results are?

A study carried out at The Queensland University of Technology in 2015 that found that self-diagnosing via the internet was only useful 30% of the time. Meaning that the majority of the time when we self-diagnose, we are dealing with inaccurate or irrelevant information.  Yet, a recent study carried out by venture fund Rock Health found that over 50% of us have self-diagnosed in this exact way.

This is often due to the desire for instant answers readily available in the digital age as well as the lengthy waiting times often associated with getting an appointment.

That’s where Health-at-Hand comes in. Health-at-Hand provides straightforward  access to medical professionals at just the end of a phone line. They don’t diagnose or prescribe medication, but they do provide medical information and support, the latest information about medicines and illnesses, as well as reassurance and guidance. The line is open 24 hours a day, every day, so there’s always someone you can talk to. What’s more, Health at Hand is offered to all policy holders and will therefore be included in your policy.

So if you lead a busy lifestyle, you don’t need to leave your diagnosis to Google, but instead can get instant access to a qualified medical professional. No waiting lists, no trips to a GP surgery, just instant help, any day, any time!

If you currently have a Health-on-Line policy and would like to contact Health-at-Hand, the number to dial is 0800 003 004. Please make sure have your membership number to hand when you call.

If you don’t currently have a Health-on-Line policy, you can view our cover options or get a quote now.

Customer story: Why Private Medical Insurance helped save Kris’ life

Protecting and transforming our customer’s health is always our priority and, for us, there is no better motivation than learning first-hand how we’ve helped our customers during a stressful and unnerving time when their health is being impacted.

Kris, 50, from Sussex, has been a Health-on-Line customer for 10 years, never smoked, eats healthily, doesn’t drink excessively and feels “pretty lucky in the fact I hadn’t had a reason to visit my GP in over ten years”. However, after experiencing chest pains for a number of weeks he took a trip to the doctor.

He was able to have an ECG which came back all clear, and was told “that at my age it wasn't anything to do with my heart and the most likely cause is indigestion”. This didn’t, however, sit right with Kris. He knew at this point he “wasn’t going to be treated any further down the NHS route for some time” so he asked for a referral to make use of his PMI.

Last updated: March 2020



Diagnosing the problem

After Health-on-line authorised the consultation, what was actually discovered after an angiogram, was one of Kris’ main arteries was blocked by more than 90%. He explains that “the symptoms I was showing indicated an unstable angina, which would have ultimately ended up in a heart attack.

“My consultant then added that due to the location of the blockage (the LAD artery) this is more often than not fatal."

Kris very much feels that the only reason he is here today is because of the ability to have and use private medical insurance when he needed it most. “This all happened around the Christmas period and my cardiologist added that if I hadn't had any treatment I wouldn't have seen Easter, and that was a real shock to the system."

The benefits of having private medical insurance

Kris is hugely grateful for having PMI and feels it “really is worth its weight in gold.” After having such an important procedure he was thankful for the comfort of his own room and bathroom which gave “the privacy I really wanted at that time”.

Since the procedure Kris says the difference he now feels is “tremendous.” “I feel I have the energy I had 15 years ago!”

If you already have private medical insurance and need to make a claim or need any help then please call our team on 0345 600 1292 (Monday to Friday, 8am until 6pm) or email us on

Or if you’re thinking about taking out a policy with us and want to know how much it would cost then get a quote online in a few easy steps.

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Last updated: March 2020