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my health insurance explained

Keeping Things Straight Forward

Private medical insurance can seem confusing, but at Health-on-Line we keep things simple and straight forward. That’s why we’ve been awarded the Plain English Crystal Mark.

Your Health-on-Line Journey

How My Health Insurance Works

4 simple steps

1. Speak to your Personal Account Manager to discuss the cover that is right for you

2. Make your choice, receive your policy documents and gain access to our online support services

3. Then:

  • If you want any health related information, or have any health concerns, contact our Health-at-Hand team who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you
  • If you need to make a claim, call our friendly Claims team, who are always happy to help
  • If you want to change your policy, call our Customer Service team who will be able to help

4. Receive prompt treatment at a private hospital – in comfortable surroundings, with your own en-suite room, with just the right balance of care and privacy

What’s NOT included in My Cover

Your health cover is controlled by you. If you take out a standard Health For You policy with us, you can then choose from a range of additional features to ensure you get exactly the cover you need. Just to make things clear, here are some of the most significant things that won’t be covered as part of your policy:

  • Routine pregnancy and childbirth
  • Treatment of medical conditions you had, or had symptoms of, before you joined us
  • Treatment of ongoing, recurring and long term health conditions

Although we try to make our communication plain and simple, sometimes we need to use certain words to describe conditions. If at any stage you are unsure what these mean, please speak to your Personal Account Manager or take a look at our Glossary of Terms.

Our Best Ever No Claims Discount

This works in a similar way to your car insurance, except with us your No Claims Discount (NCD) will give you a discount on your next annual health insurance premium (if you don’t make a claim with us).

For every year you don't make a claim your discount will increase by one level - up to a maximum of 80% off your health insurance subscription. For more information on this please speak to one of our Personal Account Managers.

No Claims Discount Levels

• If you would like more information, please refer to our Health for You Summary Policy.

• Alternatively, for more information on our claims process, visit our How To Make a Claim page. 


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