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Quote Helpline 01202 544255

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We're here for you

We’re here for you

In these extraordinary times we need extraordinary solutions to ensure we can keep supporting your health and wellbeing.

Bringing you quick and easy access to clinical support and services in new ways

Right now, the levels of demand on our nation’s healthcare resources mean that some treatment services on your policy can’t happen just yet. While you wait, we’re here to support you in new ways.

  • So that we can continue to be here for you while the coronavirus crisis lasts, we’ve set up a completely new Clinical Support Centre to help you get the support you need. Just call us and we can give you quick access to expert support and care from clinicians and specialists.
  • From checking possible cancer symptoms and advice on muscular aches or stiff joints, to needing to speak to a GP online for a prescription, you can get help by calling the number on your membership documents. Remember that you should call 111 for any coronavirus-related concerns.
  • If you can’t get the treatment you’re eligible for now, we’ll still authorise it for you and, when the staff and facilities are available again, you can have the treatment straight away under your company’s cover with us.

We’re making sure you continue to get value from your policy

  • We’re giving you unlimited access to Doctor@Hand1 so you can speak to a qualified GP by video or over the phone 24/7.1
  • If your Doctor@Hand GP needs to prescribe something for you, they’ll arrange for this to be delivered to your home for no more than the cost of a standard NHS England prescription.
  • We’ve increased the NHS cash payment benefits on your policy by £100 per night from 1 April 2020 for 12 months. So, if you have inpatient treatment on the NHS or NHS radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer, you can claim a cash amount for each treatment or night you spend in an NHS hospital. And we’ve added this to plans which didn’t previously have an NHS cash benefit. The NHS cash benefit is also available if you need hospitalisation for COVID-19-related conditions.

We’ve also joined forces with extraordinary people and platforms to bring you extra wellbeing support.

  • With free access to Thrive – the app that helps boost your mental wellbeing and build resilience – until 30 September 2020, we hope the weeks ahead will start to feel easier to manage. Visit Customer Online to find out more.
  • Read articles about harnessing the power of positive thinking, tips on working from home and many more self-care ideas.

Best wishes and stay safe.

1.Subject to appointment availability and the Doctor Care Anywhere fair-usage policy.

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