“Three promotions in five years is possible…”

Friday, June 22, 2018

A bold statement to make and not one many under the age of 30 can be proud of achieving! Starting at entry level as a Marketing Assistant and working her way up the ladder, our Brand and Marketing Manager, Fiona has achieved a lot during her five years at Health-on-Line.   

To coincide with National Careers Week 2017, we asked Fiona to tell us all about her career and how it has transformed her life…

Bournemouth University, where my passion for marketing started…

“My passion for marketing started when I was studying PR at Bournemouth University. This led to my hunger for being involved in a career that was not only creative, but where no two days were the same. Upon graduating University I joined the Marketing & Events department at Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. My appetite for marketing continued to grow and I knew I had the potential to really make a creative difference somewhere – but never pictured that would be in insurance!”  

“Luckily an opportunity at Health-on-Line came up! One of my friends who was already working there told me about the vacancy… and to be honest I wasn’t convinced. I held a stereotypical view of insurance, and thought that it might be quite a boring and corporate place to work. How I was wrong!”

“At my interview I got on really well with the Marketing Manager – and began to see that Health-on-Line was just as much about the culture, and the people, than the product they sold. I was impressed they were an innovative, forward thinking company, and knew that if I joined I would be part of something really exciting…”

Progression and development opportunities

“When I first started at Health-on-Line there wasn’t a Marketing department – and so in conjunction with my manager I had the opportunity to shape everything from scratch as a Marketing Assistant. I joined the company a month before AXA acquired Health-on-Line, and therefore the company grew very quickly after, providing lots of progression and development opportunities.”

“Five years on, I am now the Marketing and Brand Manager at Health-on-Line, managing a team of 8 individuals and looking after brand awareness in the local area, events, PR, digital technology and customer communications. I know that if it wasn’t for Health-on-Line I wouldn’t be in the place that I am today – they gave me an opportunity that I never could’ve dreamt of, a job that I absolutely love, some fantastic friends, and from a financial point of view provided the security that I have today.”

The family culture at Health-on-Line

“For me, what makes Health-on-Line unique is the people. We often say that Health-on-Line is like a family, and even though the company has expanded –the culture has remained. The ethos of Health-on-Line is also really important to me – it truly is a company that believes in rewarding its staff when people go above and beyond, and for me that creates a loyalty to it, and makes me want to produce the best and most creative work I can!”

How Health-on-Line has transformed my life

“Health-on-Line has definitely changed my life – I’ve met some of my best friends through work, I was able to buy a house when I was 24, and it’s provided me with opportunities that I never thought I would get.”

My advice for those looking for a new career

“I think Health-on-Line is an absolutely amazing company to be part of – they are forward-thinking, continually challenging and a very creative company within their industry. They value each one of their staff, and if you want the opportunity to prove yourself and really have the drive and ambition to make a positive impact, you will definitely be rewarded!”

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