“My bonus let me buy a house at 26…”

Friday, June 22, 2018

An achievement that not many people in their twenties can be proud of, but for Louis this is very much a reality. With an entrepreneurial background, he took the jump to Health-on-Line, and has never looked back.

Achieving a well-earned promotion to Sales Manager, Louis was able to purchase his own home at the age of 26, with the help of his bonuses. We took five minutes to find out a little more about his journey and how he achieved this.

Before Health-on-Line my life was…

“…about looking for opportunities. From the age of 19 I worked in the property market in London where I gained a lot of experience in that field. This motivated me to set up my own company selling property online, the reason I started my own company was so that I would feel rewarded for my hard work, which took a lot of drive and determination.

After a period of time I realised that I wanted to achieve my goals as quickly as possible! Coincidentally one of my friends who worked at Health-on-Line told me about the company and the opportunities available, without a shadow of doubt I made the jump, sold my company and decided to join the health insurer.

I can definitely say that the job has lived up to all of my expectations and has rewarded me very quickly for my hard work and dedication!”

My role as a sales manager at Health-on-Line is…

“…about building belief. From personal experience, I know that anything is possible at Health-on-Line as long as you give it 110% - from promotions to bonuses.

Have belief in your team, but also in yourself… I use this motto in my day-to-day role as a sales manager, providing individual training to members of my team, as well as leading motivational meetings to encourage them. I spend around a quarter of my time selling on the phone therefore allowing me to lead by example!"

Working with warm leads is…

“…an absolute delight. People have already enquired into the product, meaning all you have to do is make sure you address their concerns and you offer them exactly what they want!”

I enjoy the feeling of being in control…

“…of my working day. At Health-on-Line you’re not micro managed and therefore are in charge of how you manage your time here. I like that there are plenty of opportunities for progression not only with the skills and experience you will gain but within the company; I have to also admit the bonus opportunity is another reason to why I love working at Health-on-Line!”

Health-on-Line has changed my life by…

“…having the ability to ‘ write your own cheque’! After receiving my first big bonus I understood that with enough determination and belief month in/month out I could achieve this most pay days; opening up lots of opportunity buying homes and even saving at the same time!”

My advice to anyone looking to apply for a sales role at Health-on-Line…

“…don’t think twice, I took a chance by selling my company and the only thing I regret is not coming here sooner!”

Looking for a rewarding career? Take Louis’ word for it, you won’t regret it by applying online today

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