Keep Moving: Tips to stay active in winter

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The cold weather and extra helpings around winter can make exercise seem like the least appealing thing in the world - once you get in from the cold, all you really want to do is sit by a fire with a cup of tea, surely?

However, staying active is one of the best ways to keep warm, and if you find it hard to manage without getting your daily exercise, it's perfect for maintaining your energy levels at a time when your body really needs it to fend off the chilly temperatures and boost your immune system. These are some of our favourite ways to stay active during the winter months.

Work out at home

There are countless ways to keep fit at home these days, and while you might not find a workout DVD the most fascinating way to stay active there are a number of alternatives to work on build and cardio - giving you an entirely new type of exercise to get excited about.

Small pieces of equipment such as exercise bars or kettle bells provide ample opportunity to build muscle, while short cardio workouts require nothing but a good amount of space!

Embrace the cold

Rather than complaining about the cold, try to think about the positives. Something as simple as a winter walk is incredibly good for the body and soul - just imagine sparkling ice on evergreens, the crunch of frozen leaves underfoot and snow-covered fields just waiting to be turned into snowmen and snow angels.

Exercise in the cold might not be tempting, but where you can't work you should play instead, to get the most out of the seasonal change.

Try something new

If you really would rather stay indoors, winter is a great time to join a gym or an exercise class. You could join a beginner course in whatever takes your fancy - swimming is a great option for those used to endurance exercise, while dance and fitness classes are a good way to get fit and socialise without the sting of chilly air around your face!

Team games are especially good as it can be hard to find a chance to get out and meet people in winter.

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