“I was rewarded with the VIP experience at Bournemouth Air Show...”

Friday, June 22, 2018

Before Health-on-Line…

"…I was a personal trainer, I then decided to make the jump into sales within the insurance industry. I started in general insurance where I quickly developed an appetite for sales and then moved onto private medical insurance (PMI) as a direct sales agent and a broker."

"As my knowledge of the PMI market grew, I then took up a position within PruHealth (or as it is now known Vitality Health) as an SME retentions agent, where after just 6 months I then achieved a promotion as a Key Account Manager looking after key brokers throughout the south of England."

"I then went travelling and setup my own business in fashion on my return."

"After hearing there was vacancy in the QA team at Health-on-Line I decided to go back to doing what I had experience in. I had always heard good things about the culture here and knew that if I wanted to get my head down and focus, I could achieve great things!"

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I was full of anticipation for my first day…

"…and looked forward to taking the next step in my career. During the first week I was in a group training class with other new starters from various areas of the business. This offered a great opportunity to make new friends and build relationships throughout the wider business."

"When I joined the department, I was quickly made to feel part of the team and was buddied up with a colleague who would then support my training into a competent QA Assessor."

What really stood out to me in my first 6 months…

  • Feeling part of a family culture
  • Opportunities to develop and progress
  • Whatever floor you’re on everyone is friendly
  • The company itself is forward-thinking and ambitious

I really enjoy working within the QA team …

"…it is a friendly, committed and dedicated department. We have a very dynamic team, with personalities of all types, who all work together to ensure that we achieve a consistent and accurate approach to our work."

"Although for the most part, the team are concentrating on listening to calls, they are also liaising with other areas of the business and between each other when working through investigations."

"The biggest part of our role is providing feedback and support to all of the areas that we QA."

"Aside to the daily duties, we also reward each other with ‘Star Employee Awards’ recognition on a monthly basis and also enjoy fun team activities each quarter – as a way of thanks for the teams hard work."

Within 6 months I successfully achieved a promotion…

"…as a Senior QA Assessor. This was a great opportunity for me to move into more of a ‘team leader’ role, where I would now support the team’s development, training, support management and support other areas of the business."

"After my first 12 months, I then achieved promotion as PMI QA Manager. This was now a natural next step for me and one that I have taken with both hands. Moving into this role has now offered me the opportunity to not only develop my management skills, but also with the support of the business, really develop my leadership skills through a Leadership Accreditation."

"I am very thankful to Health-on-Line for giving me the opportunity and challenge to prove myself!"

Being rewarded within my first 6 months…

"…was fantastic and a real motivator. I was given the wonderful opportunity to experience the Bournemouth Air Show as a VIP right on the beach front."

"At our annual Christmas Party I was also recognised for my hard work in developing and strengthening relationships between the QA department and Sales, with a ‘Standing Sales Ovation Award’. This has been fundamental in my success and proves that if you show commitment, dedication and drive, you will be rewarded and recognised throughout the wider business. This can be quite rare when working for larger companies but at Health-on-Line it really isn’t."

My advice for anyone looking to apply…

"If you are looking for something that keeps you busy and offers a great work/life balance or want something that you can really get your teeth into and build a strong career, then this is the job for you."

"The career and development opportunities are there, so if you have the drive, commitment and motivation to really, then there is no better company to make that start with…"

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