Making fitness work around your lifestyle

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

From yummy mummies to busy professionals it seems that the demands of modern life are making us time poor when it comes to fitness. One in three British adults were not getting enough exercise according to a recent study which equates to more than 1.4bn adults globally.

Fitting in a work out can be difficult especially when you have to fit it in around a busy schedule. From finding the motivation to go to the gym, getting changed, working out to showering afterwards it can sometimes feel that you have barely enough time to stretch let alone to get the most out of your time at the gym.

With Nuffield Health it really doesn’t matter, because at Nuffield it's all about making it easier for you to get the exercise you want – no matter how fit (or not!) you are already, how old, or how pushed for time.

New to the gym?

Try this whole body workout for beginners…

Start your workout with a warm up on the treadmill by walking at a pace of brisk walk on an incline of 3.0.

Don’t forget to take a 60-90 second rest between each set.

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
Leg Press (machine) 4 8-10 Test your weight and amend after the first set if too easy/hard.
Standing Barbell Press 3 10-12 Barbells are in the free weights/functional area.
Ball Squats 3 12-15 Complete using an exercise ball against mirror/wall.
Lat Pull Down (machine) 3 10-12 Little lean back and squeeze the elbows as you pull the bar down.
Lying dumbbell press 3 12-15 Use a bench or step.
Tricep dips on bench/step 2 15-20 You can complete these as a working set, for example if you completed 10 and you can’t do any more, don’t stop just rest and then complete the remaining reps once you feel you can.
Hold a plank 3 n/a Time your first one and try and repeat/beat that time.



Finish your workout with cardio by doing 10 minutes on the treadmill. Start on a comfortable walking pace with an incline of 3, in the first 5 minutes, every minute raise by 1.0 incline and for the last 5 minutes decline by 1.0.

Gym regular?

Try the following HIT Training workout for advanced gym goers…

Start your workout by warming up on the cross trainer for 5 minutes, level 3-5 keeping the RPM at around 70-90.

Then collect a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and find a rowing machine.

Complete the below circuit 4 times with 3 minutes between each one.

Exercise Reps/Time Notes
500m rowing machine 500m As fast as you safely can.
Kettlebell swings 45 seconds YouTube this exercise first for safety cues.
Single arm shoulder press 8 Little bend in the knees with other arm out to the side at shoulder height.
Back Lunges (holding one dumbbell with both hands) 10 each leg Hold the dumbbell at collarbone height with elbows tucked in.




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