The Health-on-Line Claims Process

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Have you ever wondered what the process is behind making a claim? Well, here's your answer! This blog will depict how we deal with Priority Health claims. While claims may vary according to which one of our products you are covered by, the process is relatively similar.

If your GP decides you need to see a specialist then give us a call. We will take some information from you, including the name of the specialist your GP wants you to see and where the treatment will take place, so make sure you have this to hand! We will then check the specialist and hospital are fully participating so we are able to provide comprehensive advice on any eligible treatments. Our claims agents will let you know if we need any further information in order to assess your claim.

If your GP gives you an open referral, meaning they have not specified a consultant, we can assist you in finding a specialist locally.

If you're referred to see a specialist and/or hospital which is not fully participating under the Priority Scheme we will be able to either suggest some names of consultants or hospitals or advise you as to why there may be a shortfall in your claim.

For more information call 01202 544475 or to make a claim please ring 0845 600 7696. If you are covered under a Health Select policy through AXA PPP healthcare, please call 0800 206 1794 in order to make a claim.

Customer Reviews

  • “Excellent customer service. The Heath plan was catered to my needs and requirements. I'm very impressed with the low price. Had I known how affordable health insurance was before I'd have taken it out years ago.”

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